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Information about reward points program

How Does It Work?

You earn ACareOTC.com Reward Points on every purchase of at least $30 at ACareOTC.com.  For every dollar that you spend, you will get 50 points.  With purchases of at least $30, you are getting a minimum of 1500 points every time you make a purchase!

The reward points will be added to your account once the order is shipped.  So, if you cancel the order or the order is canceled by us, there won’t be any reward points credited to your account.

If you have to return your order due to a fault on our part (perhaps we sent the wrong item), then you still get to keep the points!  However, if you return your order on your own accord (perhaps you no longer want the items), then we will deduct the respective points accordingly.

The exchange rate is 1000 points = $1.  You can redeem your points on any future purchase.  You can choose to use all of your points in a single purchase or only use some of your points.

For example, you spent $53 on an order.  You will get 2650 reward points, which equals a $2.65 discount that you can apply to a future purchase.

Sample checkout screen with reward points