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Important Announcement Regards to Changing Domain Name

Dear customers,

In the past few years, ACarePharmacy.com has done a great job in providing excellent customer service and products to our online consumers. From being a small pharmacy in a local area, we have now expanded to over 3 locations, with a warehouse to stock products that can quickly be shipped to our customers.

In the world that is changing fast, our board of directors feel the need to renovate ourselves -- to invest into something better that can meet the needs of our customers, suppliers as well as adapt to the leverage playfield in medical industry. Therefore, we have come into a decision that from July 4th, 2012, our company will use the domain name http://www.acareotc.com instead of http://www.acarepharmacy.com.

How Does It Affect Our Customers?

Before coming into a decision, our board of directors has carefully inspect all of the possible scenario that this change may heavily affect our customers. After being inspected, we come to the conclusion that this change won't affect you much. Here are some points:

  • - Your data is still in the system. Your pass order and your account are all safe and still be in the system. You can still access it using both the old and new domain name. No data is lost here and of course, your data security is top priority with us.
  • - Shopping experience won't be affect by this change. When you shop and pay for your products, you can still access with both old and new domain. There are still the same shopping procedure and checkout procedure.

So, it is likely that you will be affected by this change.

When Will This Change Happen?

Right now, we are immigrating the old system into the new system. You will be likely to see the new domain very soon.

The new domain name will better reflect our mission to the customers and will enable us to continue serve you better. We look forward to hearing some testimonials about this change.